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Running in Bray in 1862

A great glimpse into the past from Brian White, Bray Cualann Historical Society:


deerfoot2On researching the first caretaker and Manager of the Carlisle Grounds, Bray in 1862 John Levett an English Athletic Champion , author of a book “How to Train for Athletic Exercise” and inventor of a device to learn how to swim; On 7th September 1862 a large crowd gathered on Bray Seafront to witness a selection of running races, chief competitors were John Levett, Edward (Teddy) Mills another English Champion and  Deerfoot a native American Indian and described as the fastest man on earth.


In 1861 George Martin the coach of the English Athletic team and promoter invited Deerfoot a chief of Seneca tribe on a 20 month tour of England and Ireland. On 27th July 1861 they took the steamship “City of Washington” on a 12 day voyage to Liverpool . The final leg of the 20 month tour was a visit to Dublin and Bray. On Bray seafront on 7th September 1862 Deerfoot ran a four mile race in 20 minutes. 





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Our Club was founded in 1983 primarily as a marathon running club, however over the years we have introduced a juvenile section and cover a wide range of athletic disciplines.

Bray Runners Athletics Club
Bray Head Terrace, Vevay Rd, Oldcourt, Bray, Co. Wicklow



Committee Members

Richard Hourihan Chairperson

Cyril J. Smith Hon. Treasurer

Orla Phillips Hon. Secretary

Collette Mason Child Welfare Officer

Jackie O'Neill Social Secretary

Emma Craxton Juvenile Representative

Kieron O'Leary Club Captain

Ashling Smith Committee Member

Maureen O'Rourke Committee Member


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