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Colette Mason Wins Club 5k C/ship

Congratulations to COLETTE MASON who was the winner of our Club 5k H/cap earlier this evening. We had 30 athletes take part, all recording excellent times, many recording Pbs. 
Colette finished 7seconds ahead of the fast finishing Paul Gannon with Dave Carraher, also finishing fast, a further second back. The first 3 across the line all recorded Pbs.
Stephen O'Kennedy 17.17, Dominic Horan 17.42 and Paul Allen 17.49 recorded the fastest times on the night. Paul breaking 18minutes for the first time.

                                Gun Time// H/cap// Nett Time.
1st; Colette Mason;  28.44;      4mins;    24.44. Pb 
2nd; Paul Gannon;   28.51;      6.15;      22.36. Pb
3rd; Dave Carrraher; 28.52;     8.00;       20.52. Pb
4th; Jason O'Connor; 28.56;     8.45;      20.11. Sb
5th; Dario Zanchetta; 29.08;     4mins;    25.08. Pb
6th; Emma                 29.11      5mins;    24.11 Pb
7th; Rachel Daly;      29.14;      2.30;      26.44 Pb.
8th; Julia Fonnereau 29.18;      6min;     23.18 Sb 
9th; Gavin Ford;        29.19;      5min;     24.19. Pb.
10th; Avril Leonard;  29.27;       2min;     27.27. Pb.
11th Mary Deery;     29.28;       3.15.       26.13. Sb
12th. Liz;                  29.30.       2.30;       27.00
13th; Stephen O'Kennedy; 29.32;  12.15.   17.17.
14th; Sandra Brady;  29.34;     4min;       25.34. Sb
15th; Sharon Bailey;  29.35;     7min;       22.35; Pb

16th; John Ashworth;  29.38;   8.45;        20.55; Pb.
17th; Peter Doran;       29.40;   6.30;       23.10; Pb
18th; Jackie O'Neill      29.41.   1min;      28.41; Pb
19th; Noelle Thorpe;    29.41;    7.30;      22.11;
20th; Dominic Horan;   29.42;   12.00;    17.42.
21st; Mary Hayde;        29.45;    7min;    22.45. Pb.
22nd; Michael Knight;  29,46;      9.30;   20.16. Pb
23rd; Tom Cavanagh;  29.47;      7.45;   22.02.
24th; Paul Allen;          29.49;    12.00;   17.49; Pb 
25th; Aisling Healy;      29.51;    7min;    22.51; Pb.
26th; Ana Molina;         29.56;    0.00;    29.56; Sb
27th; John Burke;        30.05;    10min;   20.05. Sb.
28th; Mark Duncan;    30.23;      6.15;    24.08;
29th; Ashling Smith;    30.43.      10.30;  22.13.
30th; Allison Doyle;     30.47;     2min;    28.47.

Well done to all who took part, 16 Pbs and 6 Seasons best times were recorded. Thanks to those who came out to support the athletes. Well done to those who raced over the past weekend and came out to race again tonight. 
Our thanks to Cyril, Bernard, Ashling S, Jean, Aisling H and Allison for all their help and Dominic for the hats.
Although we had a presentation of prizes on the night, the main trophy is going in for a makeover and is being renamed The Sean Clifford Trophy, it will be officially presented to our winner Colette at our Awards Night, later in the year.

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