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Dolores and Ballycotton

What can I say? My first Ballycotton and my first 10 miler, no pressure.

The first hurdle was to decide what to eat or what not to eat on the morning of

the race. Porridge was good but the eggs and bacon a little excessive after

the enormous four course meal the previous evening in the Garryvoe Hotel.

The contingent of Bray runners piled on to the bus at 12m.d.

On arrival in the village 6 of us visited the Bayview Hotel and dropped off our

bags in the designated area and headed for the start. We queued at the

75min marker.

My predicted race time was 90mins as 10 miles in training was taking


The weather was perfect, dry, cloudy and not cold. Would have liked to keep

pace with the marathon first-timers, Susan, Andrea, Colette and Emer but I

didnʼt want to stop on that hill at 8.5 miles. Thankfully Richard had advised to

change my Garmin from km to miles. Surprisingly the miles seemed to pass

by fairly quickly. Felt very comfortable and passed the 10k marker at 52mins.

Lo and behold I saw pink socks ahead, they could only belong to Siobhan but

I wasnʼt going that fast! Should have gone to S...Savers. A knee injury

stopped Siobhan but she did finish well under 90mins.

The hill was grand but that 800m to the finish went on forever.

Was thrilled with 83.44.

It was a lovely surprise to be cheered on by Sean on 2 occasions. Lots of

supporters on every corner.  Before Christmas 10miles seemed an impossible task.

It was by far my most comfortable and enjoyable “race” to date. Thanks also to Bray

Runners for being such a wonderful and supportive club. I am still on a high!!


Editors Note; 7 days after Ballycotton, Dolores smashed her 5k Pb.

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Our Club was founded in 1983 primarily as a marathon running club, however over the years we have introduced a juvenile section and cover a wide range of athletic disciplines.

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